Saturday, April 16, 2016

State Testing Pick me up: PARCC test prep!

Next Monday we begin out PARCC testing.  This year the testing is a month long for third graders! It is a lot to handle  for those little bodies. They typically don't have enough stamina to get through the whole test performing at their best.  This year I did something to change that!

Each student made a poster with an inspirational quote on it. I told students that if they were feeling tired or that the test was too hard, they should look at their posters! Students thought it was a great motivational tool and they were excited to start.

As a class we brainstormed inspirational quotes. Students came up with an a amazing list including; you can do it, keep it up, you rock, and so much more!

Then each student got a white piece of paper to let their creativity fly!

Here are the final products! They look amazing and the kiddos were so proud of themselves. One student summed up the activity perfectly, she said "this is going to make us to happy!"

Here are a few picture books that will help alleviate student's stress!

The new school year brings standardized testing to every school and Miss Malarkey's is no exception. Teachers, students, and even parents are preparing for THE TEST and the school is in an uproar. Event the grown-ups tell the children not to worry, they're acting kind of strange. The parents are giving pop quizzes on bedtime stories at night. The cafeteria is serving "brain food" for lunch. The kids are beginning to think that maybe the test is more important they they're being led to believe. Kids and adults alike will laugh aloud as Fincher and O'Malley poke fun at the commotion surrounding standardized testing, a staple of every school's year. You can purchase Testing Miss Malarkey here. (summary and picture:  

Mrs, Hartwell is preparing her class to take the Big Test. Knowing they have studied and are well-prepared, she helps the students practice how to sit quietly, fill in the bubbles, and follow the directions. She even instructs them on proper morning-of-the-test nutrition. As her students grow increasingly anxious about the Big Test, Mrs. Hartwell realizes she has to teach to most valuable test-taking skill of all: learning to relax. Click here to purchase The Big Test. (picture and summary:

Good luck on the state testing!


  1. What a wonderful idea! Love the posters! I haven't read these books yet but I like the other Judy Finchler book! Thanks for sharing the links! I'll have to check them out!

  2. The posters are a great way to help the students feel more comfortable and inspired. We would love to see pictures if you do this with your class too!