Thursday, August 13, 2015

Back to School- Gathering information from parents

The beginning of the school year can seem daunting. You have a brand new group of students and parents. The balance of listening to parent concerns and doing what you think is best can be tricky. The best way to combat this issue is by establishing a relationship with each parent early in the year. On the first day of school, I send home a parent questionnaire to better acquaint myself with each parent and what they want for their child. Parent - teacher conferences are too far away to wait and talk to each parent. Sending out a questionnaire is a wonderful way to establish a rapport with a child's greatest advocate, their family.

 Below are some of the questions I typically ask:

  • Do you have any social concerns or goals for your child?
  • Do you have any academic concerns or goals for your child?
  • How would you describe your child emotionally?
  • Please explain any concerns you have about your child transitioning into third grade.

You can find a FREE copy of the parent questionnaire in my TPT store. 

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