Saturday, August 22, 2015

Organizing the Classroom Library

We have been back at school getting ready for our new students to show up on Wednesday.  Summer sure did fly by after those seven snow-days were added on to the end of the school year!

One of my major projects this week was rethinking the leveled library in the third grade pull-out space.  Every general education classroom has an extensive library but I wanted to offer some lower level books for students who may not find what they're looking for at their "just right" level in their homeroom classes.  I was able to clear out a few shelves to make a mini leveled library that all students in third grade can access.  It's currently a work in progress, but here's an idea of how I'll be using the space.

This year, I discovered Townsend Press.  They offer a range of leveled books for just $1 each.  The books feature diverse characters and realistic school and home situations that all readers can relate to.

This morning I created book bin labels with clipart I found from Krista Wallden. She has lots of free clip art, fonts, and teaching resources on her TPT site.  My book bin labels include one label per A to Z level, a variety of topics, and all genres.  Snag them for FREE now!

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